Meet Our Family

Our History:

    Dan and Kitty Perkins have worked tirelessly throughout their lives in the Sylacauga area and surrounding counties to promote the physical well-being of children through gymnastics and teaching PE. Now they spend their time with children on the Tumblebus, a mobile gym for preschoolers, promoting physical fitness for the next generation of American citizens. Their focus on the motor skills necessary to live an active life, will provide this generation with a healthy foundation of muscle development, and love for physical activity that we all encourage our children to continue throughout their lives.

Our Mission:
    Within any child is the potential physical ability to be an Olympian, and all children need to be encouraged to be active, and learn early in life to love physical activity. This burns off the energy they have so they can focus in the classroom, and become better students not only in preschool but throughout their education.
    Data published since the shortening of physical education time at schools has made it apparent that an entire generation of children will be unfit to serve their society as healthy citizens, or their country in military service. Sometimes an overemphasis on preventing children from every tiny injury while exploring their physical abilities, and developing their coordination and motor skills, means children will be injured more if they don’t have time to explore their physical abilities early in life.

     It is in the interest of our health as a nation to promote healthy physical activity early in life. We love to encourage children to reach new heights in their physical ability, coordination, and motor development. 

Our Family:

    Dan and Kitty have been joined by their children Ginger, Chad, Greta, and Mitzi in promoting motor development for children of all ages through various programs.
    Kitty is the office manager.  When you call, she will be happy to answer any questions you have. Chad coordinates the Birthday Parties and events calendar.
    Chad drives the Tumblebus and you will see or meet him during his regular class routes in the greater Birmingham area.

From our Family to yours,

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child's learning experience.